About me?

My Creative side needs an outlet, and Facebook isn’t nearly enough.  I set this site up as a sister to my “Techy” blog at Walledcity.tk.

My plan, much as with my other blog, is to drop stuff as and when it gets finished, so output may be erratic and random.  Instead of full posts, I’ll be summarising, as some of the work may be too large for a full main page post.

As for using WordPress, I’d prefer control and personal hosting, rather than using another publication site.  Read the other blog for my opinions on decentralisation, and why I’d love to drop facebook in favour of blogging.  Facebook Cold Turkey is too much for me right now!

I work in IT, so most of the output will have a techy/Cyberpunk bent, but I also love Cthulhu/Lovecraftian dark/horror fiction, so that may come through too.  You may also see non-fiction posts come up if i end up having an opinion on something, or take some cool Photos.

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