Digiphage I – Airport

AJ: I can’t remember when or where I wrote this.  It conforms to most of how my writing turns out when I start, flows of consciousness are my forte.  This is a bit old, and I don’t think it’s dated very well, but recently I was in a coffee shop in London where almost every table had a Mac on it.  See my other blog for decentralisation, but just in general, the amount of plugged in time we spend these days worries me……

Here we are, the rooftop, watching the planes come in, while I indulge in a bit of binary GBH.

Here we go, sony vaio, part matt black, two shades, carved logo and lettering.

Cost 5 times more than my scrappy lappy, and doesn’t have carefully carved pieces of Duct Tape holding bits of it on. Scan the local wifi, he’s not using a 3G card, which figures, reception here sucks.

Scan the room, visually. At least sixty in-transit. Twenty plus with their electronics on, tuned in, connected, related, networking.

Fish in a fucking barrel. I feel like calling the barman over in this VIP waiting area, “Oi! Garcon, shake some of these fuckers, check they’re real fucking people!”. Either that or just walk up to one and try pissing on his keyboard,see if he reacts.

The sony vaio fucker, he’d probably just frown at you, and wipe it with a disposable paper snotwrap.

20 laptops, 5 iphones, 5 ipads.

Of the laptops, 15 non-mac.

Of the 15 non-mac, 5 without the most basic security. Of those 5, 2 succumb within 6 seconds to brute force cracking. Bank cookies, email configs, and bonus! A corporate email account. Save it, keep it, use for trade.

The second of the two, self porn in the personal documents, easy to recognise, early 40s, female, feeling the early onset uglies, self conscious. Not bad naked, I wouldnt kick it out of bed.

Boredom sets in.

Of 5 iphones, 2 jailbroken, known and documented vulnerabilities, 10 seconds later, they’re bricks, within another 30, obscene rites are being performed over one with a dead chicken and fresh human blood in the hopes of resurrection.

I finish my coffee, hibernate the beast, and grab my paper. A minute later I’m on stack.

Get into character.

Deep breath.

“Minicab guv?”

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