The Digiphage

The Digiphage was a more or less faceless, interchangeable character that I wrote some short pieces about several years ago. They’re a changeable character floating through the Information Highways and Byways, hacking, or at least facilitating hacking, as he goes. I’ve always been surprised that apart from a couple of artworks somewhere, looks like I might have the monopoly on the name, which was sort of intended to be a play on “Digits” , or binary, and “Phage” which is normally a greek suffix meaning that the preceding word is something eaten or consumed.

Ergo something that eats electronic data.

The Digiphage is what I could imagine someone doing who looks at the stuff we use, and that surrounds us, from cars which have unsecured networking and bluetooth, to free wifi in shops, to people who don’t take their security seriously when they flash their gadgets around in public, to drones, to CCTV.  If you only imagine the data flows around you when you’re in a dense city centre for instance, the potential is huge.

So way back when, there were five shorts about the ‘Phage;

Coffee Button
Happy Cat
Phage at the end of the World

But there will be more.  I’m happiest with these pieces, as they feel like they could be part of a larger whole.  a lot of my stuff comes out as standalone chunks of stuff, rather than bits of something bigger.  maybe that’ll change as I get better at it.

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