Street Tarot Deck

Something to kick off my new creative site, something that’s been offline for a while, and I thought I’d make available once again.

Street Tarot – Major Arcana & Backs

I created this deck after looking at various decks and never finding one with a nice contemporary, urban feel.  obviously the images are quick photoshop jobs, and what I’ve always wanted to do is replace them with proper artwork.  One day I’ll get around to it, but for the moment, I just wanted to make them available anywhere again.

The PDF has backs included.  in theory if your printer lines up correctly, you can print the main cards out, and then run the pages back upside down and get the backs printed too.  i managed quite well first time round, even with a crap printer.  I even printed a box out in card which I could keep the cards in, but that was a kludge 🙂

I do have plans for the Minor Arcana, but they may take a while……

What? another one?

Yes, ok, so i wanted to keep my “Techy” blog separate from my “Creative” blog.  so this is the other one.  so for Techy type stuff, check out the other blog at

For the moment, i’ll be posting some old stuff which hasn’t been accessible for a while, then new stuff after that.

So, peace out 🙂